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Your Experienced Shades, Blinds, & Shutter Professionals

Every home and business has windows. This means that every home and business needs something to COVER those windows. After all, don’t all people enjoy their privacy?

They do. And to enjoy both the best privacy and the most beautiful home or business, consider getting blinds installed. And to get the best blind installation -- or cleaning or repairs -- possible, you need to call on Black Diamond Blinds!

Since 2001, we at Black Diamond Blinds have provided top-quality blind work to all business and homes in King and Pierce Counties. And just what makes our blind work so top-notch?

That’s easy: Black Diamond Blinds is a family-owned business. And being a family-owned business, Black Diamond Blinds can provide the individual care that each job demands, allowing us to provide an unmatched level of customer service.

Every home and business needs blinds, and every set of blinds should be a beautiful, high-quality one. And to provide your home or business with top-quality blinds, you need to call on the experienced, family-owned Black Diamond Blinds! We’ll supply you with the best blind work around at a great price -- guaranteed!

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Window Covering Repairs

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and your windows are the . . . well, the WINDOWS to your home. But just as you don’t want to bear your soul to just ANYONE, you also don’t want to bear your HOME to just any Tom, Dick, or Harry who happens by.

That’s why you privatize your home with window coverings. Coming in a variety of colors, materials, and designs, window coverings will keep your home life as private as you need it to be while also making your home look absolutely STUNNING.

Of course, your window coverings will do very little in the way of making your home private or attractive should they sustain any damage. Unfortunately, though, damage is something that NOTHING can avoid.

FORTUNATELY, though, your window coverings’ damage can be reversed. And how can you do that? Easy: by calling on the blind repair experts at Black Diamond Blinds!

No matter the kind of extent of damage, we at Black Diamond Blinds can get your window coverings looking and functioning like new again so that you can enjoy the best privacy and beauty that window coverings can offer!

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shutter installation

Beautiful Shutter Installations

You need to ensure that your home is as private as it can be . . . But privacy doesn’t have to be utilitarian. Indeed, you can keep your home private while also keeping it BEAUTIFUL.

And a great way to enjoy the best privacy and BEAUTY for your home is to get beautiful shutters installed. Shutters come in a wide variety of colors, materials, and designs, so you can be sure that, with shutters, you can have the best and most beautiful look for your home possible!

On top of their aesthetic benefits, shutters are also quite practical. After all, being durable, your shutters will last for many years to come. And as they are quite thick and impervious to light, they can also help to lower your cooling bills by keeping the hot sunlight out!

If you are in the market for beautiful new shutters for your home, then don’t hesitate to call on the blind experts at Black Diamond Blinds today! We at Black Diamond Blinds have all the experience and the expertise to provide your home with a quick, quality beautiful shutter installation!

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Window Covering Cleaning

Your window coverings will prove to be more than just one of the most useful installations within your entire home. They’ll also be one of the most BEAUTIFUL ones!

. . . Well, until enough time has passed for them to become caked with dirt and all other manners of filth. Then, your window coverings will just be an eyesore to look at.

But your eyes won’t be the only thing that’s sore because of dirty blinds. Indeed, as dust can significantly lower the quality of your home’s air, you YOURSELF could be feeling pretty sore in no time flat: in your sinuses, in your head, and even LITERALLY in your eyes as they become itchy and irritated.

Yes, dirty, unsightly blinds are a headache to live with. But poor indoor air quality is an even bigger and more LITERAL headache.

Luckily, you don’t have to live with dirty window coverings and all of the problems they can lead to -- not when you can simply call on Black Diamond Blinds for a thorough window covering cleaning!

In no time flat, we at Black Diamond Blinds can get your window coverings looking like brand new again -- all the while making the quality of your home’s air that much better! Your window coverings will look better, and you’ll feel better, so don’t hesitate to call on us should your window coverings be getting a little dirty!

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Why You Should Choose Us For Your Window Covering Needs

You should choose Black Diamond Blinds for all of your blinds and window coverings needs because we are an experienced, family-owned business that puts its customers’ needs first.

Whether you need new blinds installed, cleaned, or repaired, you can rely on the experienced blinds experts at Black Diamond Blinds to provide you the quality of work you need -- and at a great price, too!

Blinds are necessary for maintaining a beautiful and, most of all, PRIVATE home. And to enjoy the highest-quality blinds, call on the experienced, family-owned professionals at Black Diamond Blinds for all of your blinds needs!

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