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Why Should You Get Your Blinds Cleaned Regularly?

get your blinds cleaned

Housework: You hate it. But you can’t avoid it. Not unless you don’t mind living in an expensive trash can, anyways.

If you aren’t too keen on keeping up with housework, you just might find yourself heaving a sigh as you consider ALL of the components within your home that need to be cleaned daily.

And one of those components — one that you might often forget to clean — is your blinds.

“My blinds are soooooo small and out of the way, though,” you might say, justifying your decision not to bothering to get your blinds cleaned.

But don’t NOT clean them! Your blinds can get just as dirty as anything in your home, and if you let them get too dirty, you could begin to experience a HOST of negative consequences!

Maybe you’re not exactly the happy homemaker type who revels in dusting, mopping, wiping, and all that. But surely you don’t fancy having a home whose dirtiness is HARMFUL. If the drive to be clean is not enough to convince you to keep those blinds tidy, then perhaps this list of some of the bad things you could experience with dirty blinds WILL.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Think how much of your time you’ll spend in your home. A lot, very likely. After all, you’ll sleep in your home, have most of your meals in your home, raise a family and enjoy your off-days in your home.

This, of course, means that you’ll be breathing in your home’s air quite a lot, too. And if your home’s indoor air quality is LOW quality, you could begin to experience a variety of negative health effects: itchy eyes, irritated allergies, respiratory problems, etc.

And if your blinds are caked in layers of dust and grime, then that dust and grime could begin to infiltrate your home’s air, lowering its quality and causing you to experience those health effects! Don’t let this happen — just get your blinds cleaned up and KEEP them clean!

Potential Damage To Your Blinds

Blinds are not completely non-moving. They have a variety of small, moving parts that all work in concert to allow you to adjust your blinds — opening them a little, a lot, etc.

To allow your blinds to be as usable as can be, you need to ensure that those many small, moving parts remain in good, working order. Of course, should your blinds be caked in layers of dust, that dust can work its way into those moving parts, causing them to gum up and work poorly — if at all!

Don’t let your much-needed (and sometimes even quite COSTLY) blinds lose their functionality. Instead, keep your blinds clean so that dust doesn’t build up and clog their delicate parts!

A Less-beautiful Home

Your blinds do more than simply keep out the extraneous light and shield you from the peeping Toms. They can also get your home looking BEAUTIFUL, as all major installations within it can!

Of course, even the most beautiful installation in the world won’t look very beautiful at ALL if it becomes caked in layers of filth and dust. And if you neglect to clean your blinds, guess what? They’ll look bad — which means your whole HOME will look bad.

What’s the point of having a home if you’re just going to let it fall into a state that’s less than beautiful? There is no point! Keep your home looking beautiful by keeping all of its components clean — including the blinds.

Get Your Blinds Cleaned Thoroughly By Calling On A Blinds Pro

If you want to get your blinds cleaned as thoroughly as possible so that you can avoid all of these potential problems, then don’t hesitate to call on an experienced pro to do the blinds cleaning for you.

And here in King and Pierce Counties, that expert should be none other than Black Diamond Blinds! We at Black Diamond Blinds have the experience (almost a couple decades of it!) and the know-how to provide you with the most thorough blind cleaning that’ll keep your blinds and home in the best condition possible!

If you are looking to get your blinds cleaned, then you should call Black Diamond Blinds today at 360-259-5709 or complete our online request form.