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3 Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds

Are you shopping around for a new window covering option for your Issaquah area home? If so, you may want to consider getting faux wood blinds. Faux wood offers a number of benefits that range from aesthetic to practical and even financial. (Let’s face it: Owning a home is no costly endeavor, so you’ll certainly […]

Real or Faux: The Differences Between Wood Blinds

Anyone who has had to make the choice about whether to opt for real wood or faux wood blinds knows there are a number of factors to consider. It is a good idea to get informed so that you can make the best decision for your individual situation. You want to be both an informed […]

Don’t Let Your Blinds Blind You with Ugliness: What Are Some Beautiful Blind Options?

Above all else, every home should provide one thing: privacy. And just how can you maintain that privacy? Easy: by having some blinds installed in your home! But your blinds can do more than simply keep out the prying eyes of every passerby who happens by your home. Indeed, your blinds can also add BEAUTY […]

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