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Your home is where you go at the end of the workday to unwind and truly just be yourself. Of course, yourself is not ALWAYS someone you might want the general population seeing. Maybe yourself likes to wear a onesie with your favorite video-game character printed on it while eating ice cream in the bathtub.

No matter what yourself might be, you don’t have to feel self-conscious about it. After all, your home offers more than just a place to eat ice cream in a Nintendo singlet. It also offers you unparalleled PRIVACY.

And one great way to maintain that privacy is by putting solid, reliable covering over your windows. Happily, you have a buffet of coverings to choose from: everything from privacy hedges to elegant curtains!

Among these many privatizing options, though, blinds stand out as a great one. And just why is that? Simple: because blinds are one of the most affordable and most reliable options when it comes to your window covering needs!

But that’s not ALL blinds have to offer . . .

Better Indoor Air Quality

Let’s say you’re shopping around for something to cover up your window with. You’ve narrowed the choice down to blinds and curtains. Both are attractive. Both will keep your private life private. So which to choose, which to choose?

As you ponder this decision, consider this: Do you suffer from allergies? Do you have to keep your home clean and dust-free to keep your sinuses from flaring up and your eyes from itching? Do you want the cleanest indoor air quality to help you achieve this level of relief from your allergies?

If so, then blinds should edge out curtains when it comes to your window-covering decisions. Whereas curtains hold onto dust and dirt like a trap, blinds are quite easy to clean and dust. With clean blinds, you can enjoy clean indoor air. And with clean indoor air, you can enjoy better allergy relief!

Get Your Blinds Installed By An Experienced Pro

If blinds sound right for you, then you need to have all of your blind work handled by an experienced and reliable window blinds and shutter professional. And here in King and Pierce Counties, that expert should be none other than Black Diamond Blinds!

With well over a decade of experience in the business, we at Black Diamond Blinds can promise you nothing short of the best work for your blinds. Whether you need your new blinds installed or simply cleaned, don’t hesitate to call up Black Diamond Blinds!

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