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Our Blinds, Shutter And Shades Products

Every home should offer, above all else, PRIVACY. Without privacy, then your home is little more than a stage for you to parade yourself upon at your most unguarded (and, oftentimes, UNFLATTERING).

Of course, you don’t have to worry about living in a home that minuses privacy -- not when you can simply ensure your privacy with window coverings!

If you are in the market for any kind of window covering, from blinds to draperies, then don’t hesitate to call on Black Diamond Blinds. We at Black Diamond Blinds have the experience and the resources to provide your home or business with a bevy of different kinds of window coverings!



If you’re looking for a window-covering option that’ll keep your home nice and private for a good, long time to come, then you can’t go wrong with quality shutters! Made from durable materials, shutters will help protect your privacy for many years!

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Polycore Shutters

polycore shutters

Of course, window coverings shouldn’t only keep your home private: They should also keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low! And with polycore shutters, that’s just what they’ll do! Polycore shutters are made from material that keeps the sun’s heat out of your home, keeping it cool in the summer and doing wonders for your cooling costs!

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If you are looking for a good, no-nonsense, and -- above all -- AFFORDABLE window-covering option, then you can’t go wrong with blinds. Attractive, low-cost, and easy to clean and maintain, blinds are an all-around great option for keeping your privacy intact!

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Wood Blinds

wood blinds

Your window covering can also be more than just practical. It can also be beautiful! And since you’ll spend a large chunk of your life in your home, doesn’t it make sense that your home should be STUNNING? We certainly think so. And we can help to make your home as beautiful as can be with quality wood blinds!

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Faux Wood Blinds

faux wood blinds

The bad news: Beauty often comes at a price. The good news: You can get around that price! At least, with FAUX wood blinds, you can. If you’re looking for the beauty that wood blinds can offer but not necessarily the price tag they come with, then faux wood blinds are the option for you!

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Another affordable, all-around great window-covering option, shades will help you to shut out the peeping Toms without putting too much of a dent in your bank account. And coming in a variety of styles and colors, shades will be able to complement ANY kind of home or decor!

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Woven Wood Shades

woven wood shades

If you are looking for a window-covering option that’s both beautiful and good for your furniture, then say hello to woven wood shades! Coming in a variety of stunning colors and materials, this window covering will make any home POP with beauty. And since they deflect UV rays, woven wood shades will keep your furniture from fading and otherwise succumbing to sun damage over time!

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Draperies & Rods

draperies and rods

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your home, then you can’t go wrong with draperies. Drapes are a stunning addition to any room, and best of all: They help cancel out noise being produced by the outside world. Thus, with drapes, you can enjoy a beautiful home day in and day out while also getting the most restful sleep possible!

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