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Unless you’re part Mole Person, you probably don’t live in a windowless box. This means that you’re going to need to get something to cover those windows up. After all, no one wants to broadcast their private life for the world to see.

And a great option for keeping your private life private is shades! Coming in a variety of colors and styles, shades can suit and complement just about any home and decor.

Of course, while shades’ aesthetics are CERTAINLY a compelling draw when it comes to picking out your window-covering option, they are not the ONLY draw!

Indeed, if you find yourself torn between shades and perhaps curtains and blinds when it comes to covering your windows, you’ll find that shades offer some pretty great benefits that should help to make the decision one of the easiest you’ll make!

These benefits include the following:


A beautiful window covering will put a smile on your face every time you look at it, but you know what else puts a big smile on your face? A full bank account.

And you can enjoy both the most beautiful window covering AND the fullest bank account with shades! Far more affordable than curtains and wood blinds, shades will effectively do the job of keeping your home private without causing your bank account to bottom out.

Will curtains and wood blinds help to keep your home private and beautiful? Without a doubt! But will they do the same WITHOUT putting a major dent in your budget? Well . . . not always.

With shades, though, you can enjoy all the beauty and ALL the privacy with NONE of the financial strain!

Easy To Clean

While wood blinds run neck-and-neck with shades with regard to ease of cleaning, curtains certainly lag QUITE a bit behind in that regard. After all, should your curtains become inundated with dust and other nasty particles, you’ll have to do some serious and DEEP cleaning to get them clean once more.

Shades, though, take little effort to get cleaned up. Should your shades be a tad dusty for your taste, don’t stress it. Just wipe them down, and you’ll be good to go!

Yes, your home should be beautiful and your bank account should be full -- things which you’ll enjoy with shades. But there’s something else you’ll ALSO enjoy with shades: ease of clean-up. And in any home, it’s ALWAYS a benefit to be able to clean the place up with minimal effort!

Get Your Shades Installed By An Experienced Professional

Do you want to fully enjoy all the benefits that shades can offer? Then you need to have your shades installed by an experienced professional -- one such as Black Diamond Blinds.

We at Black Diamond Blinds have the experience and expertise to promise you only the highest-quality shades installation possible, ensuring that you will enjoy your new shades for many years to come!

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