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Experienced Company For All Your Blind Repairs, Installations And Cleaning in Kent, WA

kent blinds

The city of Kent, Washington, certainly has quite a lot to offer for an outing with the family. You can enjoy the artistic Canterbury Faire, stock up on produce at the Kent Farmers Market, or simply take a stroll and enjoy the beautiful buildings and lovely landscapes that the city has to offer.

If you are looking to call Kent your home, then you’ve got a real job on your hands. After all, any home in such a beautiful city should be every BIT as beautiful. So, just what can you do to get your Kent home looking every bit that beautiful?

Quite a lot, actually. And one of the most all-encompassing (and, indeed, PRACTICAL) things you can do for your home is to provide it with quality Kent blinds. And if you are a Kent resident looking for a qualified and experienced blinds expert, you can’t go wrong by calling on Black Diamond Blinds!

We at Black Diamond Blinds can provide your home with quality blinds thanks to our blind installation service. And to keep those blinds looking great for many years to come, we also offer quality blind cleaning services!

Kent Blind Installation

Are you moving into a new home? Renovating your current one? In either case, chances are you’re going to need to focus on your blinds at some point -- meaning you might have to replace your blinds. And if you find yourself needing new blinds installed, don’t hesitate to call on Black Diamond Blinds!

With over a decade of experience in the blinds industry, we at Black Diamond Blinds have all the know-how needed to provide you with a quick, thorough blind installation that’s guaranteed to provide you with beautiful, reliable blinds for many years to come!

Blind Cleaning In Kent

Over time, like any largely unmoving object in your home, your blinds will begin to attract dust, in time becoming quite caked in it. This will not only look bad but also make you feel quite unwell, as breathing in dust can be awful for you!

If your blinds have become absolutely caked in dust, don’t fret. You can get those blinds clean as a whistle once more by simply calling on Black Diamond Blinds for a quick, thorough blind cleaning!

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If you need high quality blinds, shades or shutters for your home or business in the Kent area, please call us at 360-259-5709, or complete our online request form.