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Need Woven Wood Shade Cleaning, Installation Or Repair Services?

woven wood shades

Every homeowner should enjoy privacy -- that’s why we have coverings for our windows!

But, of course, not ALL coverings have to be as utilitarian as blinds or something else of the sort. No, your window coverings can look much more appealing than that and also be much more FUNCTIONAL than that!

And a great example of such a window-covering option is woven wood shades! Coming in a variety of beautiful colors and designs, woven wood shades will make your home POP with beauty while also providing the privacy that you want!

But aesthetics are not the only draw that woven wood shades offer over other window-covering options. Indeed, with woven wood shades, you can also enjoy the following benefits:

Protection From Uv Rays

Certain kinds of woven wood shades are actually designed to block one HUNDRED percent of UV rays from entering your home. This design will benefit your home since UV rays can actually damage many items and components within your home:

  • Furniture
  • Walls
  • Flooring

Colors can fade, and items can weaken, requiring costly repairs and replacements over time.

More than that, though, YOU can suffer from UV ray exposure. After all, constant exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can be bad for your skin, leading to premature aging, dryness, and even HEALTH problems.

Avoid the problems -- get woven wood shades instead!


We should all do our part to keep Mother Earth healthy for many, many years to come. And you can do your part by providing your home with eco-friendly products!

And being made from completely reusable materials, woven wood shades are about as eco-friendly as they come!

Every home needs shades, but not ALL shades need to be made from synthetic products. No, they can be made from natural products that won’t just wind up sitting in a landfill after so many years, making Mother Earth look and feel that much worse.

Do you want to keep your home private and beautiful? Of course. And should you be sure that you’re helping to save the planet while you do so? Affirmative. And you can do ALL of that with eco-friendly woven wood shades!

Get Your Woven Wood Shades Cut And Installed By A Reliable Expert

If you want to enjoy the aesthetic, protective, and eco-friendly benefits of woven wood shades to the absolute fullest, then you need to have your woven wood shades cut and installed by an experienced pro.

And for those of you living in King or Pierce County, that expert should be none other than Black Diamond Blinds! With WELL over a decade of experience in the window-covering business, we at Black Diamond Blinds have all the experience and the expertise to provide you with only the highest-quality woven wood shades on the market!

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